VT Cica Moisture Mist 250ml


Moisturizing & Glossy! The fine fog spray is perfect for any type of skin including dry and sensitive skin.⁣ The soft, moisturizing water mist will keep your dry skin moisturized and healthy.

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This mist is powered by an innovative formula of CICALIO™ and CICAHYALON™, which strengthens the skin’s barrier, replenishes moisture and helps to calm and soothe the skin. Instantly refreshes and revitalizes parched and tired skin.

How to Use

Hold the bottle 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches) from face and spray evenly over face and neck while closing your eyes. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Use after cleansing your skin. Can be used under or over makeup to balance and refresh your complexion.

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