VALL Face Volcanic Stone Oil Remover Sphere Black


VALL Sphere is a reusable face oil remover that replaces oil blotting paper and face powder.  It is made of natural volcanic stone to remove excess sebum, sweat and dust on your face. Not only is it eco-friendly, it is also  antibacterial and can be cleaned easily. The pocket-size design allows you to touch up anytime.


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  1. Portable Size: suitable to be carried around
  2. Oil remover stone: made of natural volcanic stone which absorbs face oils and sweat with antibacterial and deodorizing functions without irritating skin
  3. It can be used before or after makeup application. To use in place of face powder, to avoid cakey powdered makeup and keeps makeup in place.
  4. It massages your face whilst removing face oil.


[How to Use]

  1. To remove excess sebum on your face, gently roll the stone ball on the skin.
  2. To clean the stone balls, simply rinse it with soap under the tap and allow it to air dry. For a quick cleanse, roll the ball on a wet wipe.
  3. Each comes with 2 volcanic stone balls. Recommended to change the stone ball every 3 months
  4. More instructions are provided in the packaging that shows you how to clean and replace the stone ball
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