SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask Limited Edition 10pc


SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask is made of 50,000mg Collagen from pig skin and 24K gold to help enhance skin’s elasticity, anti-wrinkles and moisturize skin.

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SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask Limited Edition

  • Collagen mask pack supplies concentrated nourishment to dry, sagging, and lifeless skin. Gold (0.3mg) improves absorption of nutrients and supplies lacking nourishment to skin for firm, beautiful skin. Wrinkle diminishing agent adenosine reduces wrinkles for healthy, lustrous skin.
  • Contains gold for toxin discharge and luster, improvement of effective ingredients
  • Highly concentrated ampoule (25ml) helps firm skin an care for wrinkles with gold
  • 24K gold improves absorption of collagen to recover resilience of skin, with effective ingredients in gold which emits toxins in skin and effectively calms skin and prevents aging

How to use

1. After facial wash, apply ‘Mask Base Ampule’ evenly all over the face, gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption of the product.
2. Apply the mask on the face evenly.
3. Rest comfortably for 20-30 minutes and remove the mask.
4. Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.

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