Skin Veil Base No.60 Mint Green


Multifunctional base works as a primer, sunscreen and moisturizer for a quick and effective cover-up while also acting as a color corrector. Infused with the anti-oxidizing super berry extract, it also helps brighten complexion. Purple violet shade aids in ridding yellow and sallow complexions, mint green cancels out redness, and milky blue is for sunburnt skin and dark eye circles.

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LANEIGE Skin Veil Base is a makeup base that instantly brightens and tones of skin. The base wraps around skin like a lotion and the antioxidant effect of super berry extract (acai berry and acerola), brightens skin making skin revitalized and vibrant.

Available in 2 colors:

  • No.40 Pure Violet – for yellowish skin tone that need a revitalized pinky tone up
  • No.60 Mint Green – for reddish or reddish yellow skin tone.
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