Rosette Aha Peeling Gel 120G


Whisk away ALL DEAD SKIN CELLS of your FACE and BODY! This massage gel uses fruit (AHA) to ball up dead skin cells (dull spots) and leaving skin clear and smooth.

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With its fruit-derived AHA ingredient, this lightweight gel helps to easily remove dead surface skin cells that create a dull complexion, and reveal brighter, smoother skin beneath. The AHA formulation also helps to scour pores clean and stimulate the skin to absorb products and adhere to makeup better. Fermented soy milk is added to keep skin hydrated. Use 2-3 times a week after cleansing and drying skin. Easy peeling formula leaves skin clear with a resilient bounce. Made with three fruit acid ingredients (lactic, citric, and malic (apple) acid) Balls up dead skin cells, leaving skin clear and smooth. Soft, milky gel formula is gentle on skin, leaving rough areas pure and smooth for longer-lasting makeup. Made with moisturizing fermented soymilk extract for clear skin and a resilient bounce after every wash!

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