Rose Of Versailles Face Mask Oscar Whitening


Named after Oscar and Rosalie, characters in the anime “The Rose of Versailles,”, this romantic-looking mask bathes your face in a solution of gold, hyaluronic acid, omegrante flower extract, camellia extract and Lipidure for a luxurious, royalty-worthy hydrating experience.
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  • Rose Of Versailles Face Mask Oscar Whitening
  • With luxurious pearl powder, acerola extract, hyaluronic acid (moistuirizing), purslane extract (skin protection), Okinawa lemon peel extract, lime peel extract (whitening).
  • Using a high penetration mask paper, the high-quality fiber and unique three layers design ensures mask adheres close to your skin allowing skin to fully absorb the beauty essence.


  • How to use:
  • Remove the mask from the bag and spread apart.
  • Put the mask on the face according to the position of the mouth and eyes area.
  • Remove the mask about 10- 15 minutes later, gently massage your face to fully absorb the remaining beauty essence.




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