POLA Sparkling Bouquet Body Shampoo 500ml


A sweet and luscious scented body wash

Refresh your mind and body with the sophisticated scent of a bouquet of flowers.

The rich lather of bubbles gently envelops and cleanses your skin.

Enjoy the long-lasting and refreshing scent of freshly-picked flowers, from your bath time to after it.

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For the SPARKLING BOUQUET series, Pola has blended the sweet and alluring aroma of the Osmanthus flowering plant with the bewitching and exotic scent of jasmine.

This aroma, which is inspired by a gorgeous bouquet of small gold and silver flowers, changes as the day progresses.

Enjoy the pleasant scent that lasts from your bath time to after it, and the aroma that lingers on your moisturized and silky smooth skin.



  • Featuring base notes of the Osmanthus flowering plant and jasmine.
  • The fruity top note wafts with the fresh scent of blooming flowers, and transitions into the sweeter and stronger middle note of the Osmanthus flowering plant and jasmine.
  • This lingering and pleasant scent has a fragrance-like quality, which lasts from your bath time to after it.



  • Gorgeous fresh floral scent
  • This product leaves the body feeling satin-smooth to the touch.
  • Permeable collagen and honeysuckle extract are formulated as skin conditioning agent.
  • Contains Hydrolyzed collagen, honeysuckle flower extract



  • Dispense 1-2 pumps to the moistened sponge or towel with warm water and whip it until foamy. Rinse off thoroughly after use.
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