Pola Growing Shot Shampoo 370Ml


The Growing Shot hair care series draws on the concepts used in POLA’s skin care to create glamorous black hair that has bounce and body.


This cleansing shampoo thoroughly removes dirt from the scalp. It contains 10 beauty ingredients*10 for maintaining a healthy scalp and glossy black hair.


For best results, pair with Pola Growing Shot Conditioner.

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• The Growing Shot series contains POLA’s original ingredient “Pau d’arco Bark Extract”*2 for maintaining a healthy scalp. This extract is for moisturizing your scalp.

• Contains POLA’s original ingredient “Black Rice Extract”*3. This moisturizing ingredient is for glossy black hair.
• Extracted from black rice. Black rice is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This valuable food has been presented as a gift to successive emperors in China.

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