Megumi No Honpo whitening mask 5Pcs


Hot spring water contains various elements and minerals that fully moisturize the skin’s outer layer and form an aqua layer. This mask can retain water in the skin to strengthen and support skin elasticity. It helps soothe skin tiredness to become smooth and supple.

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Made from melon seeds 25ml beauty liquid contains melon placenta extract and vitamin C  mainly efficacy as a whitening antioxidant

Firmly maintains the suppleness and moisture, more transparent and clear skin.
The material of the mask is made from 100% Japanese trusted cotton.
Large mask size to ensure coverage of all face sizes and shapes.
Moistens your skin and your skin-with (25 mL) covering the skin, containing a vitamin C derivative and hot spring water melon embryo-extract and essence of luxury mask.

No fragrance, no colorant, and paraben free, mineral oil free, alcohol free (same as your skin PH)

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1 Box (5 Sheets)

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