Megumi Face Mask Tightening 5Pc


It is an essence liquid mask that tightens skin. In the essence, combine collagen and cerebroside, human genetic recombination oligopeptide, hot spring water in luxuriously, to moisturise, adjust and coat the skin.

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Suitable for general/oily skin

– Each face mask is rich in 25ml beauty liquid – Made of 100% Japanese natural cotton the mask is soft to the touch

– All-inclusive mask design fits the contours of the face helps the essence penetrate into the skin

– No fragrance no mineral oil no color no preservatives no alcohol low irritation

– The hot spring water is rich in natural minerals and trace elements providing an endless supply of moisture to the skin and creating a natural barrier.

– Strengthen the damage to the skin from external environment

– Contains collagen 25ml beauty liquid also contains brain-fatty lipids etc. – It has the effect of repairing skin and shrinking pores

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