LANCOME Clarifique Spot Eraser 30ml


This new intense lightweight brightening serum reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on face, brightens skin tone and refines texture irregularities.


Clarifique Spot Eraser is formulated with:
French Beech Bud Extract: accelerates skin’s natural renewal
Vitamin C derivative & Ellagic Acid: targets skin flaws such as dark spots, enlarged pores and blemishes


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Target skin discolouration and age spots with Clarifique Spot Eraser. The powerful dark spot corrector’s formula uses ingredients chosen for their regenerating and skin renewal features, and targeted antioxidants to address the excess melanin that results in dark spots on the skin.

Wild French beech bud extract is known to accelerate skin’s natural cycle of renewal and capture resurfacing qualities. The Clarifique Spot Eraser is formulated to refresh, renew and refine existing skin discolouration and imperfections.

The dark spot corrector also includes a combination of antioxidant Vitamin C derivatives and Ellagic Acid to erase dark spots and target other skin discolouration concerns such as enlarged pores and blemishes.



  • In only 1 week, skin texture is refined, and complexion looks brighter.
  • In 4 weeks, dark spots appearance, number, size and colour intensity are visibly reduced.
  • After 8 weeks skin imperfections appear reduced.
  • Skin looks perfected with a flawless complexion.
  • Dark spot corrector also targets blemishes.
  • The formula works to address enlarged pores.

How do you use Clarifique Spot Eraser?

  • Apply the dark spot treatment on specific areas to reduce dark spots appearance, number, size and colour intensity. Alternatively, apply over entire face for skin tone homogenity.
  • Use morning and night before moisturiser.
  • Follow application with Clarifique Milky Day Cream in the morning, or night cream in the evening.
  • Apply a daily sunscreen.
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