Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Colour + Fino Hair Mask Set


Get your desired hair colour effortlessly with Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Hair Colour! And nourish your hair with the Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask!


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Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

  • can deeply penetrate and moisturize hair, and repair damaged hair from hair
  • Recommended for people with seriously damaged hair.
  • Elegant and pleasant grace floral scent.


Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Hair Colour

  • Get your desired hair color effortlessly with easy foam.
  • Thick foam fully color turnout.
  • Rinse-off Treatment: Repairs hair cuticle layer for moisturized hair.
  • Hair protecting ingredient: Hydrolyzed Silk, Lanolin Acid.
  • One box is enough to color shoulder length hair.
  • Two boxes may be needed for thicker & longer hair.
  • Not meant for gray or white hair coverage.


The box contains:

  • Solution 1 x 1
  • Solution 2 x 1
  • Foamer cap x 1
  • Gloves x 1 pair
  • Rinse-off Treatment x 1


How to use:

  1. Read the enclosed instructions carefully before using & use as directed.
  2. Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before using.
  3. Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2, then turn it upside down gently for 5 times to mix. Do not shake!
  4. Wear the gloves and squeeze the center of bottle to dispense foam.
  5. Apply plenty of foam & massage until the texture of the foam becomes thick & creamy.
  6. Massage gently to avoid tangling hair.
  7. Leave foam on hair for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse out completely.
  8. Finish by shampooing & then apply the enclosed rinse-off treatment.


The Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Hair Colour is available in 14 Colours:

  • Provence Rose: Rose brown hue for dreamy romantic charm.
  • Milk Tea Brown: Light mellow brown for a sweet look.
  • Marshmallow Brown: Natural soft brown for a natural charismatic look.
  • Air Brown: Soft airy brown for an effortless stylish impression
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate brown for a sassy independent vibe
  • Royal Brown: Medium brown for a natural graceful look
  • British Ash: Matte ash colour for a healthy radiant look
  • New York Ash: Classy ash brown for a trendy sophisticated feel
  • Cool Ash:Blue ash tone for a sleek and edgy look
  • California Beige: Gold brown tones for a joyful and lively image
  • French Beige: Subtle golden brown for a summery romantic feel
  • Dark Navy: Dark blue hues for a mysterious and intriguing charm
  • Rose bodies: Dark rose hue for an elegant and sophisticated look
  • Soft Greige: Soft grey beige for a mesmerising and chic vibe

Warning and disclaimer

  • Before use, keep the product at room temperature between 20 & 30 for about one hour before mixing the solutions.
  • If the formula is too cold or too warm, it will not foam easily.
  • Do not use while taking a bath.
  • This product is not a shampoo.
Additional Information

Air Brown, New York Ash, Royal Brown, Cool Ash, Dark Navy, Rose Bodies, Soft Greige, Milk Tea Brown, Marshmallow Brown, Dark Chocolate, Provence Rose, California Beige, British Ash, French Beige

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