Japan COCOCHI AG Golden Ultimate Mask 5 pieces


  • A 2- Step mask containing stem cell-derived ingredients resulting with healthier glow and bouncy skin
  • Japan’s first facial essence mask that comes with a stem cell-derived ingredient care cream!
  • Recommended for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Non-paraben, no coloring, non-alcohol.

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The AG Ultimate Gold face mask , researched and developed in Japan, is an anti-glycation product specialising in anti-aging measures. The integrated design of stem cell-derived cream and face mask is comfortable to use and allows you to feel careful skin care.


It has moisturising components such as stem cells components, EGF, placenta, hot spring water, soy milk. It provides a luxurious serum that is light, transparent and with excellent breathability, maximum absorption and moisturising power.


Thorough quality control is performed at all stages from raw material collection (stem cell components, etc.) to R & D and manufacturing (clean room). Mr. Masashi Odaka, general manager of Shiseido Co., Ltd., is in charge of product development and production supervision of the cocochi facial mask.


How to Use:

  1. After cleansing, apply the step 1 serum onto your face.
  2. Then put on the face mask, leave it for 15 minutes then remove.
  3. Gently pat in all the remaining essence.


5 Sheets per box


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