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From heat to toe, silky hair mask, pore clean bubble mask, water-full facial mask, collagen hydrogel eye patch, butterfly nose strip, rose hydrogel lip patch, soft hand mask, soft foot mask

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#Self Aesthetic Silky Hair Mask
Providing nutrients to your dry hair and makes them healthy and elastic, with
long-lasting flower scent.
Cap type mask is convenient for using.

#Self Aesthetic Pore Clean Bubble Mask
Bamboo charcoal sheet removes sebum and dead skin cells, at the same time refines
your pores. Fine carbonic acid bubble just like doing massage on your face and help dirt emission.

#Self Aesthetic Water-full Facial Mask
Contains the patent ingredient AMF, provides moisturizing effect and prevents
moisture evaporation.
9 kinds of herb complexation soothe your skin and provide relaxing effect.

#Self Aesthetic Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch
Contains hyaluronic acid and 9 kinds of vegetable complex, provides nutrients
and improves elasticity. Special eye care mask improves wrinkles near your eyes area.

#Self Aesthetic Rose Hydrogel Lip Patch
A big size lip patch that improves wrinkles on the lips area.
Rose water and hyaluronic acid moisturizes your lips, while collagen and honey extract
provide multi-care for your lips.

#Self Aesthetic Soft Hand Mask
5 types of vegetable oil provide nutrients to your dry hands and make them
feel smooth again. Urea ingredient softens dead skin cell.

#Self Aesthetic Butterfly Nose Strip
Removes blackheads and improve on enlarged pores.

#Self Aesthetic Soft Foot Mask
Provides nutrients to your dry feet and makes them feel smooth again.
Urea ingredient softens dead skin cell.

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