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Unlike regular toothbrush which often has only 3 to 5 lines of brush, EBISU Premium Toothbrush has 6 lines of brush, which are twice as much as regular toothbrush. It makes it more efficient to brush and covers more teeth surface.

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This brush has a thick head to ensure easy, yet effective cleaning without having to brush hard. The bristles are close together, which makes it easier to reach all parts of the surface of your teeth to ensure a good clean. The bristles are made extremely fine so as to remove all of the dirt in between the teeth, and are flat so as to remove the rest of the plaque on the surface. The bristles are furthermore a combination of soft and hard, to ensure a pleasant brushing, as the soft parts in the outer part are made to clean your gums, while the harder ones in the interior of the brush are for your teeth.

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