Dr.Ci:Labo Vc100 Essence Lotion 150Ml


VC100 Essence Lotion is a multi- faceted formula that helps to: Increase Collagen Generation. Tighten Pores. Reduce Dark Spots. Firms Skin.

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In improving the texture of the skin there is nothing as powerful as Vitamin C. VC100 Essence Lotion holds a unique combination of Vitamin C being delivered to the deepest levels of the skin* to help improve translucency, resilience and elasticity.
(* stratum corneum layers)


VC100 Essence Lotion is a multi- faceted formula that helps to:

Increase Collagen Generation
Tighten Pores
Reduce Dark Spots
Firms Skin
Repair Scars

High Permeability Vitamin C Derivative

The high permeability vitamin C derivative (APPS) has exceptional permeability, 100 times that of vitamin C. It is a combination of fast-acting water-soluble Vitamin C, long-lasting oil-soluble vitamin C together with 3 different types of vitamin C derivatives and Citrus Unshiu peel extract.

VC100 holds sea-water collected from 200m depth in Toyama Bay. This water blends perfectly into the skin as it has a mineral balance similar to fluids in the human body.

How to use:

After washing your face, take a appropriate amount (penny size) on hands and gentle blend over entire face.

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