Artclass Nuage Lip

Artclass Nuage Lip

An airy light liquid formula that paints lips with velvet-soft colors!!! Find your perfect MLBB lip stain from Artclass Nuage Lip shades! Its light-as-air texture melts onto lips like a weightless veil, softly huggling lips. Air-wrapping finish flawlessly masks wrinkles, leaving lips soft, smooth, plush, with a velvety matte finish.

The creamy liquid is fixed onto the skin after it dries and stays put and becomes smear-proof. Moisturizing ingredients, such as rose hip oil, keep skin moisturized and prevent lips from drying.

This beautiful collections include a range of 8 shades; 01 Nudy Slip | #02 Hazy Coral | #03 Fleecy Rosy | #04 Snug Red | #05 Woody Velvet | #06 Rosy Muhly | #07 Brown Musk | #08 Red Rambler

01 Nudy Slip

02 Hazy Coral

03 Fleecy Rosy

04 Snug Red

05 Woody Velvet

06 Rosy Muhly

07 Brown Musk

08 Red Rambler


1.Matte liquid lipstick: apply along the lip lines and fill for full coverage.

2.Lip tint: apply on the inner and center of lips and blend.